Harry Kane has won the Golden Boot after matching the record tally by an Englishman at a World Cup with six goals. 
Hollywood has long had a soft spot for Nigeria Especially Super Hero Movies like Wolverine X men Origins Where Lagos 

15 Times Stars Took Method Acting Too Far

For some actors, just looking the part isn't always enough. Here are several who took method acting to the extreme.
Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man made the character a blockbuster name, but with the emergence of Marvel Studios in 2008, a new multi-billion behemoth was about to rise. Nine years and 15 films later, Marvel Studios’ MCU has become cinema’s most financially successful franchise. What makes the MCU so great is that everything is connected, allowing Marvel’s most beloved characters to interact with each other.
Spider-Man 2 is my favorite superhero film of all time. Anyone who’s been within earshot of me during any conversation about cinema in general should know this. I say it loud and unapologetically.
Every time a new actor steps into the role of Peter Parker/Spider-Man, the inevitable debate (oftentimes heated) starts: who is the best Spider-Man?

New Video: Yung6ix – The Man

KKTBM dishes out the official video to Yung6ix’s core hip-hop record titled “The Man which was released in August 2016.
To herald this announcement, the self-acclaimed Keeper of The Deep Shop and jungle funk artist releases the video to the 2016 – released single “Kalakuta” and a new single off the EP- “Streets is Gold”.
As the first man and the first black person to take on the role, this December 2017 issue addresses diversity and inclusivity in fashion.
It sounds easy; too easy to be true. It also sounds like it’ll take forever to get you the results you want. But it works, because it helps you feel good about yourself as you lose weight.